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Over 35 years of dedicated service, established in 1974, East West Commercial Enterprise has been one of the leading technical consultants, service provider and equipment supplier to the cement industry of Pakistan.

The cement industry being a process industry runs 24-hours a day and 365 days a year. The success of a cement plant lies in running it efficiently and continuously. Based on the current industry trend of upwards of ten thousand tons per day capacity, even a day's stoppage at the plant results in a major loss of cement production and revenue.

We focus our goal to make existing plant more efficient by advising and recommending latest innovative and developed technologies, alternative source of fuel, power and its conservation for the improvement of plant efficiency, for the benefit of the industry, the enviornment and the people.

To achieve our goal we maintain close ties with reputed sources of manufacturing and provide up-to-date knowledge of new innovations and the latest technologies available to our customers. We arrange on-site study, discussion, consultation together with our foreign associate experts and provide Balancing, Modernization & Rehabilitation to renew/update the existing plants on a turnkey basis with complete satisfaction of our customers.

We also conduct technical audits, due diligence of the existing plants and feasibility of new plants.

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